Flower Shop & Café
New Operating Hours Coming Soon
Lavender Beds, Plot 9, Ward 5, Goblin


A variety of colorful blooms are always in stock. Some may be of a more unusual shade.


Weekly specials include light meals and sweet treats.


The garden hot spring welcomes you after a long day of adventuring.


For those looking to make a date extra special or interested in hosting a quaint get-together.


Different flora are available for purchase from the shop.
This is not limited to flowers that can be grown in pots, but also fresh fruit, vegetables and legumes from the garden.
Anything not grown in the Everbloom Garden is responsibly sourced.

Fresh Cut Flowers
Quantity and color varies, 10% discount to florals purchased during cafe hours.

Cherry Blossoms
Lilies of the Valley

Unusual Shade
Rainbow: Arums, Daisies, Hydrangeas, Lillies of the Valley & Oldroses
White: Cherry Blossom & Daisies
Black: Hyacinths & Hydrangeas

Corsage can be made upon request from any in stock blooms. Ask about our additional selection!

Special Order of the following is accepted:
Wall Planter
Oak Low Barrel Planter
Oldrose Wall Planter
Planter Partition
Potted Axilflower
Potted Azalea
Potted Maguey
Potted Spider Plant
Potted Dragon Tree
Potted Oliphant's Ear
Rose Trellis


A variety of seating is available in the Café. From tables and chairs/stools, to a cozy Kotasu table. Or lounge about on pillows in the loft.

Updated hours coming soon!

Lunch Menu

Complementary during afternoon Flower Shop Hours; Tips are greatly appreciated!

Chamomile Tea (hot or chilled)
Fresh Juice
Mint Lassi
Triple Cream Coffee
Espresso con Panna

Sweet Treats
Honey Muffin
Apple Tart
Coffee Biscuit
Sohm Al Tart
Rolanberry Cheesecake

Small Plates
Tomato Pie
Grilled Fish

Bon Appétit!


The Everbloom Garden Retreat boasts a view of the Lavender Beds lake and one of the many waterfalls.

Let your stress melt away in the hot spring that faces the falls.
Sit back on the porch to enjoy a drink or snack from the cafe.
Or climb up into the boughs of the tree house to take in the view of the lake.

Hot Spring Reservations

By appointment only, the de-stress package includes:
15 or 30 minute private soak & massage in the outdoor spa choice of aromatherapy oil complimentary drinks and snack or meal item
15 minute package: 3,000 gil
30 minute package: 6,000 gil

Take care not to disturb the plants growing in the garden, please.

Cottage Rental

Everbloom Cottage

The Everbloom Flower Shop/Cafe is available for private reservation!
(Plot 9, Ward 5, Lavender Beds, Goblin)

Base Price: 100,000 Gil
2 placed furnishing meals
1 placed chilled red
1 placed dessert
Choice of vase floral display on tables
Consumable food for 2 (meals, drinks, dessert)

The cottage cannot be reserved during regular business hours.

The Fine Print: Contact the owner to make this reservation. Discord required. A copy of the details of your reservation will be sent to you via Discord to review, approve and confirm. A deposit of 20% is required to hold the reservation.

Take care not to disturb the plants growing in the garden, please.